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Xtreme Enclosures

Xtreme Enclosures

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Thank you for your interest in Xtreme Enclosures by Sound Off Audio, we strive to build the best vehicles specific subwoofer enclosures available.

I have been in the car stereo and 12 volt industry since I was in 9th grade. My cabinet teacher noticed that I had more interest in precise joints and construction methods than most kids my age. That's where my knowledge base for woodworking began. Once I started building cabinets I just morphed into the local Box Guru. After I graduated high school I worked several jobs until I eventually opened a shop from my home as I worked midnights as a correctional officer for the State of Florida. In 2000 I left that and had built my business up as the primary income for my start up family. EBay was booming and we were selling speaker cabinets that were being drop shipped from a company in TEXAS. Well This supplier went belly up and I told the owner that I think I could go at it on my own. SoundOffAudio.com was born. We are a family run operation, and this is what we do.

So we started manufacturing unique applications and making patterns. All with jigsaw and table saw. Well things really started going well for us and we eventually purchased a CNC cutter. That sped things up and allowed us the replicate things more accurately. THIS DOES NOT TAKE AWAY FROM THE QUALITY OF OUR SPEAKER CABINET. THEY ARE NOT PREFAB.

Prefab enclosures do not offer the quality control and options we do and are constructed in sweat shops with poor material. We started supplying store with our products. We immediately address several areas of concern that Prefab don't care about.

  1. Woofer slops via mounting hole too large
  2. Woofer hitting floor, because of lack of baffle clearance
  3. Fluffing sound coming from improper sealant and poor construction

Xtreme Enclosures offer the following:

  • Excellent Quality Control
  • Custom Hole diameters upon request
  • Special Depth Accommodations if available
  • Finger Sealed tight with Clear Siliconized Latex
  • Vented Applications when asked
  • Extra room for excursion when allowable via recessed baffle
  • OEM carpet on most boxes
  • Bed liner option
  • Real life support when you need it.
  • Quality 5/8" Langboard mdf (3/4 and 1" for special applications)
  • Clear Siliconized Latex for all interior corners
  • Titebond glue on joints
  • High strength adhesives for the large surface areas
  • Hot melt epoxy for interior sections of the box (better adhesion)
  • Map pricing for dealers

Extreme Enclosures provides the BEST USA made speaker cabinet on the market period. You will not be sorry you purchased our product and the craftsmanship and quality will speak for itself. Extreme Enclosures WILL NOT try to match pricing the prefab sub boxes from China or Mexico. The performance and longevity of your woofer demands an Xtreme Enclosure

Mathew Layfield

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